We have summarized a few of our services below. For more detail on specific offerings, click on the title or link of the specific service that best matches your needs.

Are you hiring who you think you are?

Would you knowingly hire an individual who provided false information on their employment application, including the fact that they have a criminal record? Are you seeking a better way to confirm that you are hiring the best candidates possible? And, are you saving time and money by spotting undesirable candidates BEFORE they are hired? Let us tell you why you should prevent hiring problems by implementing employment and background screening. Review our background screening services.


Corporate & Business Searches

Corporate and business searches are conducted to determine if an individual has an interest in a specific company (or in any company). The results of such searches include both Profile Reports and receive a commercial credit rating called Intelliscore™.


Asset Searches

Asset and/or property searches are most often used after a person or company has been granted a judgment against another person or company and needs to know what assets are available to be levied against. In other cases, this search provides information when determining assets in divorce cases (particularly if you suspect that some of those assets are being hidden in order to avoid division).


Bank Account Searches

The most common reason for conducting a bank account search is to determine assets for debt collection. However, bank account searches must have a final judgment signed by a judge or a court order to be conducted.


Other Informational Searches

There are varieties of searches that can be incorporated into your customized search packages to meet the needs of your company or individual requirements.