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Why Pre-Screen Potential Employees?

With today’s increased focus on security, well-researched background information Hireon potential employees goes a long way toward protecting the integrity of your company while hiring high caliber employees.

You simply cannot afford NOT to do background checks on potential service providers —

  • Check out a nanny or caregiver BEFORE you place those you love in his or her care
  • Check out a possible tenant before you rent a room or apartment
  • Check out a contractor before they have access to your home and possessions
  • Check out a doctor before you put yourself or your loved ones in his or her hands
  • Check out someone you are considering dating or marrying

The steps necessary to assure the safety and security that will provide you with the information to make informed hiring decisions are so time consuming that they can overwhelm your HR department. By outsourcing your pre-employment and background screening to a company who is expert at gathering just the types information that you need, you will save both time and money, and allow your HR personnel to focus on their pressing daily responsibilities.

Save Time & Money While Gaining Peace of Mind

Bad hires cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in severance pay, training, search firm fees, and loss of productivity. The disruption such bad hires cause to other employees and the morale of your company affects your bottom line in more ways than you can calculate.

Smart companies have turned to thorough pre-employment screening for the many benefits that it provides, including:

• Reduction in legal and financial risk
• Protection against negligent hiring lawsuits
• Encouragement of honesty in employees, while discouraging applicants that may be less than honest
• Improvement in workplace safety and security
• Exhibition of company’s due diligence efforts
• Reduction in insurance premiums
• Improvement in efficiency in recruitment and training
• Discouragement of deceitful application information or fallacious qualifications

Make sure your company takes advantages of the benefits employee background screening provides. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to receive efficient and affordable screening that will help assure the security and safety of your company, as well as your company’s good name.