Tenant Screening

It’s an important step. You’re turning your valuable property over to a total stranger. You’re entitled to know if that individual has a pattern of property damage, theft, or fraud. You need to know if they have a history of paying their obligations in a timely manner. Moreover, you need to have this information before they become your tenant.

That’s where American DataSearch can help. We can help you prevent the losses that a poor tenant choice can cause. Our screening packages will provide you with all the pertinent information that you need to make informed decisions about your residential or commercial tenants. Timely background information about those prospective tenants is invaluable.

Get the information you need now with our online tenant screening. This report includes:

Credit Report

Our instant credit report will provide you with the applicant’s credit history for the past seven years. It also shows the potential tenant’s debt load, payment history, and all available public information (liens, judgments, bankruptcies, etc.)

Felony Convictions Report

Our extensive report provides information on felony convictions. Our instant search report is available for any one of 37 different states. However, if the state for which you are requesting the search isn’t one of the 37, we also conduct our standard search for any of the other states as well. Our standard search prices vary from state to state, so contact us for specific pricing information.

Eviction Report

Our online, instant search includes eviction reports for any one of 39 states. As with the Felony Conviction Report, if you need a report from a state not included on the instant report, simply contact us today to discuss pricing and to arrange a standard search for that state.


In addition to the instant online screening, we can provide additional screening services as well. These are not part of the online screening, so contact us directly if you need:

Employment Verification Report

This report includes a verification of tenant’s current employer, length of employment, and their salary.

Rental History Verification

We’ll provide you with the applicant’s rental history behavior. This information includes a pattern of late payments, property damage, theft, bad checks, and skips.

Personal Reference Verification

Verifies personal references listed on the potential tenant’s application.